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Yoga Offerings

Why practice yoga?

When most people think of yoga they think of exercise. And while yes, yoga can be a great is also so much more than just the physical poses (asanas). Yoga is an ancient art form and practice that contains many inspiring life philosophies, practices and ways of living. That's why all of our classes put a heavy emphasis on the mental aspects of yoga as well as the physical. The word yoga in Sanskrit means to unite or connect. In yoga practice, we are quite literally joining and uniting our mind and body. 

yoga therapy

Somatic Therapy

What better way to end a therapy session than with a little movement. Tag this short yoga session onto any psychotherapy session with Steph. This trauma-informed practice is designed specifically for you based on themes discussed in session. Yoga components can include asanas (physical poses/postures), pranayama (breath work), meditation and yogic philosophy. 

Virtual Self-Paced Yoga for Mental Health

Pre-Recorded - Participate in your own pace

Next workshop begins Fall 2024

6 weeks - $80

Nurture both your mind and body with this holistic approach to healing. Each week you'll receive a 60 minute yoga practice suitable for all levels including a targeted breathing exercise to enhance mental clarity and emotional well being as well as a relaxing short meditation.  You will also receive a short psycho-educational video drawing from evidence-based therapeutic approaches as well as a weekly journal prompt to help guide you through self-discovery and personal growth. 

virtual yoga class
yoga workshop

Virtual Bedtime Vin Yin Yoga

Option to attend live virtual sessions or receive the recording

Next series begins in Fall 2024

8 weeks $60

Unwind and indulge in the serenity of Virtual Bedtime Vin Yin Yoga. Vinyasa is a dynamic flowing practice seamlessly linking poses and breath. Yin yoga is a more meditative practice that involves holding passive poses for extended periods targeting connective tissue and deep relaxation.  


This harmonious blend of half vinyasa and half yin creates the perfect balance of movement and stillness. This class is tailored to guide you towards a restful night's sleep and designed to release tension and promote relaxation. 

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