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Flexibility for both mind & body.


At Flexible Minds we offer a uniquely holistic mind-body approach to wellness. Our goal is to help you find balance and flexibility not just physically but mentally too! We believe there is no singular approach to wellbeing, which is why we love to get integrative and creative when it comes to finding what works best for you. The majority of our services are offered virtually from the comfort of your own home providing flexibility and ease. 

Our Story

The name Flexible Minds originates from the idea that when we are too rigid in our thinking, it limits our ability to handle situations with ease.  When our mind is flexible, we can move with, instead of against whatever life throws our way. This allows us to better adapt and embrace life more fully. We are then able to be present and live more authentically to who we are and who we want to be. The more we can bend the less we will break.


Our emotions are like our muscles. The worst thing you can do for a stiff sore muscle is ignore it. The same goes for our emotions. It only gets worse when we numb or avoid. It also puts us at more risk of injuring ourselves and increases the chance of setbacks that cause additional unnecessary suffering. Like exercise, the more we practice flexibility training the better our muscles operate in the day to day and adapt to the demands of life. Suddenly, the pain starts to dissipate and we feel more confident in our capabilities. In the same way you would engage in exercise for your body, it can be helpful to engage in therapy for your mind. Both can create endless positive ripples and help you come back to what's important in your life.

Lotus Position


  • Video & phone sessions

  • Walk & talk therapy 

  • Somatic therapy   

           (Therapy + Yoga)

Affordable Therapy Program

  • $100 or less per 50 min session

  • Work with our master's intern therapists

  • Video or phone sessions

Yoga Offerings

  • Yoga for mental health

  • Meditation

  • Private classes

  • Virtual group classes

Groups & Workshops

  • Mental health workshops

  • Group therapy

  • Yoga series

  • Virtual options

"I bend so I don't break."

Yoga Mates

Yoga for Mental Health

6 Week Virtual Workshop

Our Team

*Begins Sept. Bio coming soon.

*Begins Sept. Bio coming soon.

*Begins Sept. Bio coming soon.

*Begins Sept. Bio coming soon.

*Begins Sept. Bio coming soon.

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